Bipolar Disorder, Auditory Hallucinations?

5koalas Asked: Bipolar Disorder, Auditory Hallucinations?

Hello out there.I'm 20 yrs old, and I've been diagnosed with bipolar.Of all my symptoms, at the moment I'm most concerned about "voices" in my head.It's hard to explain what happens.I have racing thoughts a lot, I can't control the thoughts going through my head, and they go so fast.I can't clear my mind at all.When I get this way, I have conversations with myself.Which in and of itself wouldn't be too concerning, but I can't stop them from speaking, and most of the time I have no control over what they say.There are three "me's" that I've identified so far.The first is really mean.She observes everything I do and points out anytime I do something wrong.She tells me I'm stupid, that no one cares about me, that I should shut the f—k up, that I should kill myself.That I deserve to die.The other "me" is rather logical and tries to give me advice on how to handle the situation, like the other day when she told me to give my manager (who is aware of my disorder) a razor that I was stashing in my pocket.Then there's the third "me" that seems to make fun of all of us, very similar to the first, but she doesn't go any farther than that.I can tell when it's her because she doesn't immediately thereafter suggest I kill myself because I deserve it.These "voices" talk to each sometimes, but usually are all talking directly to me, which is actually me.And they can all be talking to me all at once.Sometimes the two mean ones can start bickering, or the nice one might tell the other two to leave me alone.The dominant voice is the aggressive one, and it tends to trigger a lot of suicidal tendencies or make attempts more likely.I tend to do things I wouldn't normally do when she's talking to me.Like try to self harm while I'm working.I haven't found any specific symptom that explains what is happening to me, although I have found a couple people online who have described somewhat similar experiences.I just don't understand if it's specifically a part of my mania, if there's anything I can do to stop it, or what I should do from here.I am currently about two and a half weeks into my first bipolar medication.I've considering telling the doctor about this.It's happened in the past before I ever went in to try medication, but the medication appears to be heightening this symptom.The only reason I haven't gone in to see my doctor is because I have extra circumstances that I know might be triggering my bipolar real bad.I expect her to be gone in another two weeks, so I've been trying to hold off long enough to know for sure whether it is the medication.The problem is I'm losing control faster and faster, and these voices make it harder to maintain control.Even the nice voice tends to be a nuisance because I can never get any peace and quiet.
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Seph Answered:
Auditorial hallucinations aren't uncommon in bipolar during manias. But…some meds also can cause them. Only thing you can do is let your doctor know about it.

Iamnogood Answered:
It can be schizophrenia, but as you already have bipolar. You can have both which means you have schizoaffective disorder which includes both schizophrenia and bipolar states.

Usually auditory hallucinations are part of mania but i can be schizophrenia too.

As you described three me it is sure you have problems,which need pro help.

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