Bipolar disorder ruining my relationship?

mary d Asked: Bipolar disorder ruining my relationship?

I'm completely killing this and we've only been together a month , this is always when i somehow kill a relationship. i feel like he doesn't care even though he tells me all the time and i know i'm ruining it but i cant control it !I feel even more bad for him having to deal with it.


Stop ruining things with your own two hands when you know they're good for you! Jeez

iloveme Answered:
Are you taking something for your bipolar disorder? Like prescription pills? That would help & also talking to a psychologist/psychiatrist.

Jennette Answered:
every single time you get a thought like that, immediately change to a positive thought, you got to learn how to cope with it and remind yourself its not true whatever feelings or thought is coming along your mind and maybe try to go to some bi-polar support group that might help. how long hae you been diagnosed with bi-polar? start the medication as soon as possible.

nancy jo Answered:
stop allowing your diagnosis to determine how you live your mindful of your mood swings -exercise daily, avoid processed foods, live a clean life, and avoid negative stress.put the relationship on the back burner till you invest more time in yourself.follow up with your doctor & a counselor.never use bipolar as an excuse for the decisions you make.

Micki 48 Answered:
If you haven't seen a psychiatrist yet, do you even know for sure you're bipolar?Most people with bipolar take a mood stabilizer, and that helps a lot, but it takes time for them to start working.In the meantime, you're going to have to deal with it as best you can.It can be hard to have a relationship with someone who is bipolar, but sometimes people sabotage their own relationships for reasons that having nothing to do with bipolar disorder.

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