Can my mom put me in a mental hospital?

alfa wolf Asked: Can my mom put me in a mental hospital?

We assume that I have bipolar disorder II.In addition to my mood swings I also have violent outbursts.My dad is looking into child protective services and my mom says I belong in a mental hospital.I'm 14 and don't really know what I'm allowed to do.I have a psychiatrist that I have an appointment with this week.Can my dad really "ship me away"?


Qeidx Answered:
Only if there's reasonable cause to have you committed.

Send me an email, we can talk about it and see what we can do to keep you from being "shipped away" ^^

Legit Doctor Answered:
Your parents cannot. However if the doctors deem you are (A lot of doctors for the right pay may) then yes. However if you aren't then your parents cannot unless they go like a tampon thief and pull some strings.

Yvonne Answered:
No they cannot, you need to first get examined by a psychiatrist.

Mary Kontrarry Answered:
Your parents can commit you to an institution.

Cupcake Angel Answered:
If the doctors look at you and say that you need to go to a mental hospital and then if they have the doctor's agreement then yes.

jepdavis Answered:
If she says that you are a threat to yourself or others then yes she can put you in a mental hospital.

Anne Answered:
Yes he can.

I hope that is motivation to stay well.Take your meds.Every day.On time.NO CAFFEINE.Caffeine causes cycling, aggression.Eat well.NO SUGAR.Go to bed at 9:00 every night.No sleepovers.EXERCISE.Every day.No drinking.No drugs.No sex.

Yes, you will feel different than your friends.You are different!You have a severe chronic illness.You are not normal.You will not have a normal life.

But if you take care of yourself, you can have a GOOD life.

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