Christine Adewunmi Murdered Her 3 Kids, Kills Self

The Coroner confirmed the deaths of three young girls and their mother was the result of a murder-suicide. Deputies found the foursome shot to death at the Blue Springs Ranch & Resort in Bourbon, Missouri. The coroner believes the family died from single gunshot wounds to the head. They were identified as 37-year-old Christine Adewunmi and her daughters: eight-year-old Lauren, six-year-old Samantha, and three-year-old Kate. A missing persons report filed by Christine's husband details her recent troubles after being diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and depression. Christine was battling depression. Family, friends and professionals were supporting her recovery and stood by her side as she coped with the debilitating disease. Depression is difficult to understand and a serious illness that is hard to comprehend. No one knew the depths of her problem or could ever foresee this tragedy occurring. We cannot understand why this has happened and are dealing with this tragic loss one minute at a time. As the days go on, we pray for Leonard Adewunmi as he deals with this horrible loss. He is a proud and loving father of his three smart, beautiful and talented little girls. As an involved and caring dad, he will miss cooking with Lauren, playing soccer with Sammi, and singing to Kate. Leonard is a devout Catholic and family man that worked very hard to give his wife and children a wonderful life.

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