Clinical depression, Bipolar disorder, How I got off meds. doTERRA oils I'm Holan Nakata, doTERRA IPC from Honolulu, Hawaii. I had a nervous breakdown in 2006. I was prescribed Zoloft for clinical depression and Ambien for Insomnia. Things got worst. I was then prescribed Lamictal. I got off of the medication once I felt better but I was worst off than before I started on the medications. I was then prescribed Lamictal and Lithium and the doctor told me that I would be on those medicines for the rest of life. Thankfully by the grace of God, I was delivered from depression and mood changes, when I quit the medications cold turkey. Since then I looked for ways to improve the quality of life to prevent depression is so much physical, spirtitual, as much as it is mental and emotional. doTERRA melissa helps aid me with stress and anxiety.

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