Do mental illnesses get worse untreated?

Asked: Do mental illnesses get worse untreated?

I'll clarify what I mean. If you have mild bipolar disorder, and you don't get it treated, of course, it's going to cause you some problems. But does it progress further and get worse permanently the way diabetes does?

What I mean is that if someone is diagnosed with diabetes and doesn't eat well or exercise, the disease will continue getting worse and will require more extensive treatment than it would have if it were kept under control. And you usually can't reverse it to be less severe than it already is. Does the same happen with mental illness?

If you have mild bipolar, and don't take medication, don't go to therapy, and keep going through a lot of stressful situations, can you permanently develop severe bipolar disorder where you would have only had mild bipolar disorder if you had taken care of it?

Obviously, if you have any sort of illness, you need to treat it so that it doesn't lower your life quality. But if left untreated, do mental illnesses progress permanently like diabetes? Just curious. Thank you.


Yes. It may sometime aggravate and complicate the illness. Pl. go for immediate treatment.

I can't say I'm a professional, but the mental health field in the past few years has moved away from viewing it as the medical field identifies disease.

Though a mental health diagnosis does have the ability to affect your body the longer it goes untreated in terms of physical health.

I'd highly suggest talking with someone; a social worker, therapist, psychologist..etc. Someone who is trained as a clinician. There should be at your school, through your work (anonymous), your insurance covers, or many free clinics probably in your area you can get involved with. (google: "your town" free mental health clinic" Please do not feel ashamed to ask for help, many of us do, it's quite normal in the world and circumstances, we as human now live in.

Once you can work through those issue you'll find their release will help you control your emotions much better.

Okay… who said you have mild bi polar disorder? If you feel unstable and need medical help. get it. I do want to say tough,, diet helps everything please look into kinesiology or find a naturopath in your area. Diet solves a lot of our problems and they can help. For an answer to your question if you do have an issue and it goes untreated yes sweetie it can progress but don't worry about that look towards the better don't hold onto the title of having a mental issue. Embrace that something in your body isn;t working correctly and fix it. I suffered from sever anxiety and stress since iI was 13 Iam 26 now and finally found relief through a natural dr check them out it might sound like hocus pocus stuff but the results are real if you need to talk I am here my email is I've got babies of my own

Don't be crazy

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