High functioning sociopath?

Whitney Prieto Asked: High functioning sociopath?

I am diagnosed with bipolar 1 and antisocial personality disorder (not to be confused with mania as antisocial symptoms, that is not the case) I am high functioning but with a quite severity of sociopathic tendencies. I have a question why do we have such bad reputations. I know I can be down right cruel and unsual. However; I am still Human. Am I not?


ernie Answered:
If you were human, hitler wouldn't try to stuff you in gas chambers.

James Answered:
yes you are. Just don't mess with other people's realities. Try to conform. God bless you.

Riddle Answered:
I suppose it's all to do with the media, and the way society in general portrays sociopaths. Most people don't even understand that personality, and just think it automatically makes a person homicidal which is stereotypical and erroneous. Personally, I don't mind it at all. "Normal" people are boring.

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