How can Bipolar Disorder ruin relationships?

XThiswarismineX Asked: How can Bipolar Disorder ruin relationships?

How can bipolar disorder ruin relationships? and what else does it ruin in your life?


Christa Answered:
Those who are bipolar are unpredictable, moody and tend to be very negative.

It can also ruin your home life, work environment too

Katherine W Answered:
If someone is on medication they have a chance at relationships, but they still need counseling and therapy and have to avoid stress. Otherwise, bipolar disorder ruins relationships because it's hard to be with someone who's up and down and out of control. People with bipolar will also go out of control with anger, yelling and then sadness, depression. They'll spend all their money and may become violent. They'll lose jobs. But if they agree to take medication, they can have a pretty normal life.

There's a movie called "Mr. Jones" with Richard Gere that shows you how bipolar can be.

Never good enough Answered:
My entire life is ruined by bipolar disorder. I can't have relationships, because I'm so paranoid that every one hates me and won't accept me. My mood is so inconsistent that when I go through a rage, I scare my friends and family away. Then the next week, I feel so depessed that I want nothing but to kill myself. It sucks.

eileen Answered:
You can have severe mood swings and that could ruin your life unless you get help.

Sonshine Answered:
This is a very good question.Bipolar Disorder is a very serious mental illness.If left untreated, many patients may end their life. It is treatable. Bipolar disorder affects mood, sleep patterns, sometimes long depressions, fatigue, and difficulty being in long term relationships.

There is Bipolar 1 which is characterized by having severe mood swings, hallucinations, delusions of grandeur, compulsive spending, rapid speech, pacing, hypersexual and indiscriminate sex.

Bipolar 2 is more on the depressive side and has not had a manic stage. There are still mood swings, thoughts of suicide at times, overeating, oversleeping, racing thoughts, very hyperactive. Unpredictable in behaviour.It may ruin your ability to find stable employment and the ability to be a good parent.

this person Answered:
probably because you find them interesting/different although these kinds of people may not be the kind you want to associate with and possibly have a family with. Have you seen 'Bee Season'? It's a fascinating and symbolic movie about a family that is bordering on disfunctional but anyways you should watch it and you might get some interesting ideas about explaining your attraction to these people and why you seem to do the things you do.

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