How does Bipolar Disorder affect relationships?

Asked: How does Bipolar Disorder affect relationships?

I am writing a research paper on this topic and wrote a survey. Please take my survey to help me out and if you have personal experiences to add, please do. For question #9 if your answer is other please tell me what your answer would be. Here is the survey:


I took your survey but to honestly answer your question, it can greatly effect a relationship because some days your not mentally stable or your moods are different and you react to certain situations differently all the time. It can scare or push away a partner. I have had problems with this my whole life and I don't like taking pills so I have to learn to deal with it some how. It is a real challenge for those who really have it, and wake up to a different mood everyday with no reason behind it.

Took your survey. It's really so much more complex than the questions make it out to be, though… How it affects relationships in the short term is extremely varied, depending on which state you're in. In the long term, it makes relationships really difficult to maintain unless your friends/lover(s) really understand it and are supportive (or at least patient). Sometimes mood episodes make you fall of the face of the earth for a while, or get too wired to stay in touch. Also, if you made a friend in one mood state and then it changed, you might not be the same again for months. I'm lucky to have a loving partner in a very solid, understanding situation, but I think it only works because he has MI issues, too; while they aren't the same as mine, it helps him understand that sometimes the world is just too much, and sometimes I'm too much for the world, and we can work with that. Even moreso than in "normal" people's relationships, if both parties aren't really committed to making it work and maintaining things, it'll fall apart. My friend pool is really limited, because the "casual friend" thing just doesn't work with me.

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