Is this unfair? Should I be upset with my boyfriend?

Terry Asked: Is this unfair? Should I be upset with my boyfriend?

So, my boyfriend has been on SSI since he was 17 for bipolar disorder. He is currently taking medications, and is perfectly able to work. He acts normal and everything. He said when he applied, they didn't take his parent's income into account even though he was a minor, otherwise he wouldn't have got it because his mom makes $100,000 a year, then plus his dad's income. He makes $650 a month, and doesn't have anything to spend it on other than new computers, he has 4 of them, an iphone, and other luxuries. He also has two cars, but they are in his parent's name so he doesn't loose his SSI. When he was in high school, he inherited $80,000 from his grandma, so they put that in his parent's name so again he wouldn't loose his SSI. When he was in college, he used his SSI money to buy books, go out to eat, go to the movies, and everything. It really upsets me that he is collecting the taxpayers money (my money as well) and just doesn't want to work while everyone else in college and high school has to. Also, people who work in college and high school make less than he does working. He just collected SSI in high school and college so he wouldn't have to work, otherwise he would have no money. Now that he graduated with a B.A., he is looking for a job in counseling, and then he'll either get less SSI or not get it at all depending on how much he makes. Is my boyfriend feuding the government? Should I be upset? Also, he makes all this money, and has nothing to spend it on, and he knows I'm broke. I'm currently a poor college student and looking for a job. He won't even give me some money to help me with the books I need because he says he has too many bills, which he wouldn't have if he wasn't on SSI. Don't get me wrong, he takes me out and pays for the meals, to the movies, and buys me things sometimes, but I really need help, and he says that he can't. About 6 months ago, he spent too much money, so his dad gave him about $4,000 to help out. He still lives with his parents. I love him, but I feel upset because I feel he shouldn't be collecting this money. Should I break up with him? If I do, what should I tell him are my reasons?


2010 Boi Answered:
ok for one hes cheating the government and no you shouldnt break up with him but you should let him know that you really dont like what hes doing?

Katelyn Answered:
He seems really selfish tell him you dont like what he is doing, if he doesnt change you might have to revaluate the relationship.

Dana Answered:

JOLEE Answered:
When you get out of la la land ask a real question.

Aaron Answered:
Breaking up with him because he has more money is not a good reason. Yes he is using the government and not being self reliant but thats not a reason to dump him. I think in reality you just envy him because he gets whatever he wants. I cant blame you for your way of life but dont blame him either just because his is easier. That only makes you a shallow person

jacie Answered:
you have the right to be upset, it got me upset just reading. i'm just like you struggling through college, have a job but all those beautiful paychecks go towards bills and its rough but i get by. but to see people like him have plenty of money and still cheat the gov for more is really unfair. but the best thing you could do is just talk to him.

Abraham Answered:
Don't break up with him. At least not yet. First try explaining to him how much of a spoiled little *** he is being (no offense). Then you go on to explain your feelings about his view on money, on how he won't help you with the books, and so on and so on. Don't let him cut you off while you're speaking. If he tries make sure he doesn't achieve that way he knows your feelings are strong. In the end if he pays no heed and doesn't change you can break up with him. Oh and he isn't "feuding" the government he's "feuding" tax payers. Then again I'm just a stranger, what insight do I have on your life. None at all, so you choose, hope it works out. (:

Bored Answered:
No you shouldnt break up with him but you should talk to him about mabye lending some money to you for college stuff

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