New Found Love (A Diggy Simmons Love Story) Ep. 1- Truth Be Told

EXPLICT BAD BAD WORDS AND VERY DEEP ***TEENAGE CONTENT*** btw ppl this isnt a true stry alll FICTION Alicia's POV Y does he do this to me…i wanna run… Or mabye somone in tha hal will her my loud crys… I wish i cud just leav him but im jus to scared he knows all my information and practicly stlks me but thn again i love him…he wasnt always lik this …b4 he wuz lik this we wer bst friends….but he srted getin angry nd jealous of all my guy friends …evn the girls ones…he threats anyone around me and we evr he gets mad evn for the slightest things im the punching bag but he cnt help it he has bipolar disorder …but i jus dnt kno how much longer i can deal wit this …but mabye its just his way of showing love End of POV Ryan(boyfriend): you lying bitch !!! *smacks her* Alicia: *falls to ground* im srry !! *crys* Ryan: for wat ?!?! Alicia: *quiet* Ryan: i said for wat !! *kicks her* answer me !! Alicia: i dnt kno !! Ryan: how !!!…*lowers voice breathes* how ru srry Nd u dnt evn kno y ?!?! U stupid whore *pulls up by ponytail* get out of here !! Alicia: *runs out runs into somone* ???: im srry *luks at face* ru ok ?? Alicia: yeah…yeah i-im fine *passes out* *wakes up in hospital* Alicia: wer am i ?? *hlds head* oww ?: ur in tha hospital Ryan: hey bby Alicia: umm hi Ryan: ru ok ?? you had a prtty hard landing Alicia: lnding wat do you mean landing *looks at another person* and who are you ?: o im daniel simmons but ppl call me diggy Alicia: oh im alicia <b>…</b>

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