Physical symptoms of Bipolar Disorder.?

Claire Asked: Physical symptoms of Bipolar Disorder.?

My lover has Bipolar 1. He has been on medication previously but has been self- managing for the past 12 months, successfully. However, for the past couple of months he has been complaining of dizziness, pressure in his head and an inability to concentrate. His mood has also been up and down, but not to any extreme.
I'm wondering if the dizziness etc might be a physical manifestation of his mental condition,or something else entirely?(He's had a BP check, ears looked at, a course of antibiotics, but nothing has been diagnosed).
Any advice would be appreciated.

P.SI've read up lots about this condition, but haven't come across anything related to this.


Beverly Rivers Answered:
I have bipolar II and I have similar symptoms.

I don't have medication because I don't have health insurance.If he has health insurance, tell him to take medications.

No one knows what causes bipolar disorder.It is definitely caused by some wierd connections in the brain.But, no one knows what the wierd connections are or how they work.

An imbalance in the brain can cause dizziness, pressure in your head and an inability to concentrate.I am merely a co-sufferer of a similar disease, so I don't have expertise.

That said, if I were to make a bet, I would say that he is experiencing the symptoms of precursor mania.I predict that he is either fighting off a mania or he will experience a mania in the next month or two.

It is critical that he get on his meds and stay on them forever.I know why he does not like the medications, they are horrible.The side effects stink.But, they stink less than mania/depression and the resulting interruptions in his life.And in your life.

Becka Morgan Answered:
Inability to concentrate can be a symptom of Bipolar but not the other symptoms…. sounds more like a sinus infection.

Jess Antonio Answered:
I can onlyshare with you my experience on this, I am Bipolar-I, I was in a psychiatric hospital for 9 months. This is 5 years ago, I now work as a teacher, I take no medication and since then I have not had any attacks of the illness.

The illness attacked me because of worry. I was a very shy man and worried that I would not be able to find work. As a shy man I always did very badly at job interviews.

As the worry began building up and the illness began attacking me, I began to get depressed, my movements began to get slower, I began to lose motivation, my speech became unclear and the illness took a good grip of me. It actually lasted 3 years before I came out of that episode.

Worry is anxiety, so the build up of anxiety did not allow me to concentrate, and gave me dizzy spells. Anxiety also caused me hallucinations, I had noises in the head, and images inside my head. I am aware I am hearing and seeing these, others are not, and therefore it is anxiety.

In the manic phase, these were very severe mood swings, crying, giggling, anger.

I never had pressure in the head.

Now he has self managed for 12 months, this is excellent. The most important aspect in this is to identify the stimulus that triggers the illness. He and only he can do this, because what triggers it varies from each one of us.

In my case it was worry of doing badly at job interviews, so addressed this, and as I say never again.

Well I hope this is of use to you. You are welcomed to e-mail if you wish to exchange some more thoughts on the illness.

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