Please help me!! Will my manic bipolar ex boyfriend come back to me after his episode?

Asked: Please help me!! Will my manic bipolar ex boyfriend come back to me after his episode?

I am very much in love with a man who is manic bipolar. I've been in a relationship with this man for almost 11 months. The first time I got to see one of his manic episodes he was taken to a behavioral health center for two weeks where they diagnosed him manic bipolar. He's 20. His first episode was very upsetting for me and his family.
He starts out not sleeping for days.
Then will get in fights with people around him; is very aggressive and doesn't care about others emotions.
Then he will want to give things away like personal possessions and large amounts of money.

I stuck with him though all of that because he's so important to me. Some of his friends won't even talk to him anymore because he becomes very mean and hurtful during this episodes.
Currently he is convinced I've cheated on him or done something involving another man. No matter what I do to prove him otherwise he claims he never wants to speak to me again, becomes verbally abusive, and will not listen to anyone. We are currently broken up because of all that is going on in his episode but I am trying very hard to get him to let me in again and not end our relationship because of this.
I am completely devastated that he hasn't spoken a kind word to me in over a week and won't take my calls. I need to know if after this behavior stops will he see how much pain he's caused? Will he see that I never was unfaithful and love him still?

Anyone with advice or someone with manic bipolar disorder who can give me answers would be appreciated so much. I am having a very hard time understanding the situation and don't know what to do.

Please please help me :,(


You need to move on and find a healthy relationship or think about what you want.

It's really up to his mental stability; I don't want to say that you should immediately move on but you shouldn't hang onto false hopes either. I think you should ride it out a little longer, try and relax. Begin doing things you enjoy, go out with friends, treat yourself, but still try to talk to him. I'm cheering for you!

Listen to me, set your heart and love aside for a moment, LEAVE him. Sure he has a mental condition and you can feel sorry for that but at the same time that is no excuse to put up with nonsense and bulsh*t. Have self respect, ask yourself what's more important, him or the broken pieces of your heart? I spea from experience. My ex girlfriend had the same thing as your boyfriend, she left me 3 times with no reason, just out of the blue left with no word for 8 months each time she left, and she cheated a number of times. Now l loved her and still do (love is sick) but I've moved on, it took me 3 times forgivong her (very foolish) but I've learned my lesson, you can have compassion for a mental sickness but NEVER let someone make you feel guilty and walk all over you. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT be foolish because of love, this is not healthy for YOU, don't be a weak willed woman, stand up!, kick em to the side, pray he gets better if you want, but leave him alone!. Now I know this is pointless because I know how love is blind, but you must take that blindfold they call love and see reality.

Its not a straight forward answer
Driven by ideas both brilliant and paranoid while lacking insight we do horrible and damaging things we would never do for nonexistent unexplainable reasons. Depression follows mania because we realize what we have actually done and don't understand why or how.

At the time manic actions and behaviour are just cause and get remembered that way then they lose there significance or purpose. What had meaning no longer does, in fact we see it never did. They still feel like they did after manic episodes over. Even knowing it was impossible, dangerous stupid, hurtful and psychotic to believe and act on the worse decisions doesn't change the fact it felt wise, so good, the best, right and of great importance. It is confusing and it hurts,

I know it has not been easy for my family, being around them remembering some of the things i put them through often sends a chill down my spine and makes me wish i was dead.

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