Social services are involved with my 19 month old son because of my ex partner, he has bipolar disor

Kimberlyannl9 Asked: Social services are involved with my 19 month old son because of my ex partner, he has bipolar disor

he is not my sons dad, but he was put into a mental institute for a month because he had a slight breakdown and social services have said that because he knocked my telly over and smashed it, its classed as domestic violence and that im not allowed any contact to happen between him and my son now and also hes not allowed to my house again or i could lose my son, however, ive recently found out im 11 weeks pregnant to him, and he now has a place of his own and is on meds for his illness. I think hes trying to sort hiself out hard, but im so confused, ive got a medical abortion booked for this friday, but im still not sure i wanna do it, but if i cancel, it might be too late if i change my mind. i dont know what to do for the best cus social services will get involved straight away if they find out im carrying his child, and i am slightly depressed myself atm, but at the same time, i feel so selfish for not giving the baby a chance. what should i do? im losing sleep ove rit cus i cant decide whats best and ive only got 2 days left 🙁 xx


ok Answered:
No one can make this decision for you.It seems to me that the dad should have a say in all this, but that doesn't always happen.
If you have any religous beliefs , you should consider those also.
I think this is a very difficult thing to decide sometimes.
Pray over it, perhaps yu could put it up for adoption, and let the adoptive parents know about the childs dad bi polar.
best wishes
Happy Holidays.

Blueberry Answered:
Please don't consider abortion. Abortion is killing of a human life. The baby feels the hurt.

I understand your situation is difficult. If you look up the process of abortion and what actually happens to your unborn baby, it is horrific. Your baby is alive no matter what age, when inside the womb.

Regret from abortion doesn't dissappear easily. Please don't regret allowing your beautiful child to live.

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