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Crystal Meth Questionnaire/ My Non-Addictive Personality?

Alec Asked: Crystal Meth Questionnaire/ My Non-Addictive Personality?

I'm trying to figure a few things out, and first off let me mention: I am not looking for answers along the lines of, "Don't do it! You don't understand the dangers! It's addictive even though you think it's not!"

Please and thank you.

1. —– I need thoughts and ideas on this question:
I don't have an addictive personality. I have many friends with drug and alcohol problems who I am very close to. I never did anything until up to this year. I experimented with some of those substances to try and put myself in their shoes, that way I could feel justified when I commented on their situation a bit more. My reasoning, because I experienced it too, to the point of feeling a rush and after wards the withdrawal or hangover effects from it exiting my system. Yet, I can still walk away, and not desire more. I wonder if that's a gift I could use for something. I always like being able to relate to others, and be empathetic. Despite it being a risky action to take, trying those substances, I always manage to come out okay, more than okay. And when I go into the situations, they're always entered with much knowledge. I never go in clueless, the more information and understanding I have of the drug or alcohol, the easier it is for me to keep control. There really isn't any internal struggle.

2. —– Crystal meth as a weight loss?
I've heard crystal meth can be used for weight loss. With the weight of 152 pounds, 5'6" height, and being a 20 year old female, how much is needed to lose weight, and how long will that take? Group that in with my non-addictive personality and the lack of desire in me to do large amounts, and not even need to do it frequently. What do you get? I heard crystal meth is often called the 'ugly drug' for it makes you look older and your face sinks in also. But if I'm not doing an overkill with the usage, I don't see the harm? How long will it take for me to lose a good amount of weight, say 30 pounds, down to 120 pounds? How do I avoid the more severe weight loss 'ugly' effects? I would be taking it by mouth. Also, I was thinking of taking some for when I did a major workout session..

3. —– Is there any way to sleep on crystal meth?
Any secret tips to falling asleep, because I've heard it makes you fidgety physically, and overactive mentally and hard to stop thinking and just relax? Is that true by the way?

4. —– Mental Illness Prior to Experimenting?
So at age 10 I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. And since then until this year, I had been on heavy medication. I moved out of my parents house, and was able, with the help of my psychiatrist, to slowly taper myself off all my medications, even the hardcore lithium. I guess, what I'm thinking is that, I am so strong internally, mentally and I have a strong sense of self and can help myself cope and adapt with ay situation. My symptoms became insignificant and I gathered that my problems were very much environmental based. And I've been more than fine, rather very much more lucid, since being off them for several months. And I have so much self control that's in almost unusual from such a difficult childhood growing up. Does that have anything to do with my inability to get addicted?

That's it for questions I think, for now..

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Posted by John Carter - November 10, 2011 at 10:00 pm

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