Was my girlfriend molested by her dad as a child?

BIlly Asked: Was my girlfriend molested by her dad as a child?

Well, she has some oddities, like she mentioned she used to shower with him in elementary school, she was obese then dieted and eventually had an eating disorder, she started strong sexual activities at a very young age, like 14 at least, has addiction problems, she despised relationships all but one that lasted a while and he was very mean to her, and of course the one we have, she even said that if we didnt work out she would be single forever, somewhat jokingly of course. She is OCD, suffered from depression, has cut herself…. She loves her dad despite their terrible relationship and always tries to impress him… She is also bipolar but takes meds for that… I somewhat suspected it before but when she used my phone to look at porn she looked up Father and forced, I will admit forced has come up on my search, but never father… Just looking for an anonymous outside opinion. Also, I am a very nice guy, she has verbally attacked me but she didnt mean it, i could tell by her eyes and that I scare her, because she does have feelings for me. I did ask her about the search in a calm joking way and she got somewhat mad, said she was disgusted, and dropped it. She then said, "with my childhood how could I watch that" … Which only brought further questions… Input??


A Answered:
she has a dark past.
idk if its molested or abused but its something.
be there for her & protect her.
email me if u need more help:)

Shortiee Answered:
I'll say that it's very possible.
I've read a few book about girls that have been raped by their fathers and most of the things you just said about her, was the same sort of stuff in the books.
I guess good luck with confronting her about this if you do because it's going to be EXTREMELY difficult and you may not even get the truth out of her if it has happened.
most girls in that situation take that secret to the grave because they can't stand to tell people.

Bekka Answered:
This is a question and answer website not a read a book website that no one can help you out with but you decide to rant about 10 things that could be true or false but you decide to air it out on here instead of getting help for her

Under my umbrella Ella Ella Answered:
It's a possibility, among others too.
People on here can not give you a definitive answer. They can only make assumptions.
The only way you can truly find out is if you talk to her. Don't put pressure on her to tell you, just let her know she has been through something and you want to be part of her life and know all there is to know. But you want her to feel comfortable talking to you about it, so there is no pressure, just let her know you will wait till she is ready!
And that you will be thrre for her.

Neicy Hall Answered:
It sounds like it but not really sure what you need to do is try to talk to her and get her to tell u everything that happened in her childhood. if that doesnt work then you might have to tell her to get some professtional help and fast before she looses it and crashes

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