What happens when a representative payee steals Social Security Disability income for personal use?

M Asked: What happens when a representative payee steals Social Security Disability income for personal use?

My boyfriend just found out today that for a very long time his mother has been receiving over $800 a month by claiming him as mentally disabled (he has bipolar disorder) without his knowledge. My boyfriend is 23 and his mother has been hiding the mail from him, and lying to him so that he wouldn't find out. He was kicked out of his home a month ago so he changed his address to mine with USPS and we received a letter in the mail with regards to HIS check that he had no idea about. He was aware his mother received money from the government but he had no idea that money belonged to him. She never bought him anything or paid for him, and since he was homeless she should not have been using his money. What will happen to his mother when he informs the social security office? I hate her, I think she's a horrible mother who is too lazy to work. She deceives the system in any way she can. He is thinking about making me his representative payee? Is that a bad idea? I'm only 20.


Deesky Answered:
Bipolar does not equal "mentally disabled". There has got to be more to the story here. If this guy would turn his mother in, what do you think he would do to you you, every time he gets P.O.ed at you?
There is always 2 sides to the story with the truth, somewhere in between.
Don't get involvedwith anything legal with this guy. Keep it b/f & g/f if you like, but don't get to enmeshed. Just might causeyou way more problems than you anticipated.

Ashley G Answered:
Submit a report to OIC. It is on the link below. They (OIC – Office of the Inspector general) will investigate the matter.They do not take these things lightly. Make sure you keep all of your evidence, paper work, dates & times written down, recordings (if allowed in that state without the other parties consent). If she still collected his money after allegedly kicking him out she could be found guilty of Fraud or Misuse of Grant or Contracting Funds, and possibly even abuse upon the disabled (yes, mental conditions can be considered as a disability).

OIC WILL investigate: 1.) If someone Receives Social Security Benefits for a child not under their care.

OIC WILLNOT investigate: 1.) Medicare or Medicaid Fraud 2.) Identify theft
2.) Misuses benefits when acting as a Representative Payee

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