Which mental disorder did Marilyn Monroe really have?

Cassandra Asked: Which mental disorder did Marilyn Monroe really have?

I want to set the facts straight. Or at least hear some opinions.
I herd she had PTSD, which is a given so I am not worried about that.

But what about:
Aspbergers Syndrome
Bipolar Disorder(Manic Depression)
Borderline Personality Disorder
?? Are any of them true is there another mental disorder you'd like to add..?


Slappy Answered:
I have seen some documentaries on her and they said she was Bipolar and Manic Depressive).I don't recall what I was watching when I saw that.

Please punctuate properly folks Answered:
In a nutshell, her insecurities destroyed her.

Astra Answered:
i thought she was bipolar with addiction to drugs and alcohol

Dave55 Answered:
BPD and Narcissism

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