Why do cocaine and adderall make me calm? Even a little sleepy?

Jeliza Asked: Why do cocaine and adderall make me calm? Even a little sleepy?

So I'm 18 girl. 5'5 about 130lbs and ive done adderral and vyvanse a few times. Vyvanse make me feel euphoric and happy but very mellow. Adderall doesn't do much of anything to me. I've taken up to 60mg a day and I have fallen asleep. I've done coke about 3 times in my life and same thing it makes me calm. No crazy rush nothing. I'm also diagnosed with bipolar type two, borderline personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder no add or ADHD. Could this have anything to do with why I feel this way?


Erin Answered:
Yeah i have heard of that, be careful though. i have an ex that has the same diagnosis and he took some ecstacy and it made him go nuts, literally. like walking through town naked and thinking he slept in a cage but really he ended up in jail nuts. just be careful when expirementing. i know lots of bipolar people that are prescribed adderral and it makes them very calm. but yes, usually people that are not prescribed the add, adhd, and bipolar pills are usually the ones that are wired because it isn't for them and it does the opposite of what its supposed to do. coke is similar to these prescribed drugs but dangerous (mostly cause it could be cut with messed up ****) so that is probably why it is having the calming effect to you

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