Why do i pretend to be someone else?

Emily Asked: Why do i pretend to be someone else?

I've created these 2 "alter-egos," as i would call them.One is Nicki, who is a girl based on my favorite celeb, Nicki Minaj, but is combined with my life. She takes my place in school, my age (15), and she is a super famous celeb, and is an amazing singer and rapper. Then she is dating my celeb crush. I create little stories about her life. and ill just sit there and think about them and pretend that im in them. I will walk around in school and pretend im her in class, and i will do this until someone draw my attention back into the real world. I'll make up interview questions and answer them, play her songs and pretend im performing them. I cant even fall asleep anymore unless im pretending im her, and snuggling with her boyfriend.
My other is a girl who i am on a online hangout/ social network site. I pretend i'm far older than i am. I make up stuff about my life and relationship. She is like a fashionista and extremely beautiful. This is really easy for me to get caught up in because im just playing on the computer and i can get lost pretending to be her for hours.

Idk why i do this. I feel like a nut. I've never even done this as a child, so it feels ridiculous that i'm doing it at 15! It has not yet really affected my school life or social life, but im worried it will. Just because i feel upset when i have to resume my own life sometimes. Is this some weird mental disorder? many mental disorders run in my family such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar. Could this be related to them? I've always had a really hard time with my family, because of my mother who suffers from all 3 of these diseases and i feel she does the same thing as i do! She made all these friends and said that she wasn't married, lived in an apartment, and hada baby!

Im being serious, and i would really like some help. it really just feels good to sort all my thoughts out an type them out.
Sorry it''s so long, but thanks 🙂


Walter Sobchak Answered:
Not going to read it all, but I'm guessing you're a really boring person.

greg Answered:
Naw, everybody does that. Well, some people do that. I do that, at least. Also, nicki minaj? REALLY? C'mon now.

Thomas Answered:
It sounds like you admire her so maybe your wanting to be her is driven by your desperation to be in a similar position as her so maybe you need to sit down and decide where you want to go in life.

MrSnepples Answered:
get some help before this turns in to multiple personality disorder.


Guadalupe Answered:
Your probaly trying to do what you didnt do when you were at a younger age..
If its not affecting your life then theres no problem but later on it might affect it .what if a guy likes you and finds out you play with dolls? I mean if he understands than your lucky, but you should put your dolls to the side and go out with your friends meet new people… You never know youll probably find someone thts into the same stuff you like …
Jst be yourself and live happy…. "YOLO" lol

Emily Answered:
Hi Emily,
I sort of do the same thing. I'm a teen and I like pretending I'm a beautiful and talented girl instead of a boring person. I don't talk like the person I'm trying to be, or I don't act like one, but in my head I am. I can't fall asleep unless I pretend I'm a girl my crush likes. If it hasn't really affected your school or social life, I don't know if you should keep worrying about it. If it makes you feel good, then do it, but then at some point realize to be yourself. It's not a major thing, I guess, it's like maybe you don't like who you are and you want to be different (that's what I did), and to solve that I just got over it. I just kept telling myself that I had to accept who I was for who I was because I was born this way, but I still do that when I lose self-confidence and at night sometimes. You and I will probably eventually grow out of it as we mature more. Just try being "you". To your friends, I'm assuming they know whatYOU like and what YOU don't like instead of what the other girl likes or what she doesn't like. Creating stories about her is fine, and daydreaming is fine too; just don't get carried away. Stop yourself when you start daydreaming or it will become a bad habit.

Sorry for making this long also 🙂
Thanks, have a great day!! 🙂

J Answered:
I can tell you are just another weak minded teen. Boohooo im ugly i wanna be a pretty girl like justin queeber. Lol pathetic.

Frank Answered:
Well it's perfectly natural to pretend and make believe from time to time.For example, I am pretending to be a productive member of my work office.However, I am currently sitting on yahoo answers bored to near suicidal thoughts.But as long as I keep typing, everyone will believe that everythign in my cubical is just honkey dory.Hope this helps!

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