Why is my 9 year old daughter so emotional?

Stephee Asked: Why is my 9 year old daughter so emotional?

We are a "typical" family of 4.My husband works, I am homemaker.I have 2 daughters, ages 9 & 10.They are in 3rd and 5th grades.I want to say up front, because this is something I will always fear passing onto my children, that I have bipolar disorder.

We have lived in the same home for 3 years (and it is just down the street from the home we lived in for the 8 years before that), my girls have gone to the same school all this time.Lauren is who I worry about.She has always disliked people since infancy.We just joked she was a mama's baby.She cried every single day that I took her to preschool (I worked then) and would literally have to be physically pulled out of my vehicle kicking and screaming.I'd call 10 minutes later and all was well of course.After 2 years of half days at preschool she moved on to full days of Kindergarten.Some things happened with my older daughter, and Lauren just wasn't handling the anxiety of going to a large school well.She was still crying and not sleeping well.So I decided to home school.

After a year I put them back into a very small public school.Lauren did okay, but she has not made any real friends still.Now she is an emotional wreck.She came home last week, frustrated with a new math concept and said her teacher made an "angry sound" every time she asked for help and yelled at her when she wasn't understanding.I had a meeting with the teacher, and Lauren immediately burst into tears when I showed up.She was a mess.I'm not sure the teacher was really making the sighing sounds towards Lauren, but I can't say she wasn't either.She didn't really deny it, but told Lauren she could always come up and ask for help.The teacher said she had cried during class with the math.At home her actions will vary from screaming in a high pitched tone that makes my ears cry for mercy, to throwing stools and chairs across rooms.She's shut down and crumpled into a ball in the floor and refused to speak to me when I try to talk it out with her.I've tried everything from listening and cuddling and talking, to punishing her by taking away her phone and games.

I know she's frustrated with the math, and we're working on it.But her grades have gone from A-B, to C-D in all subjects.She isn't having problems with any other students.Nothing is happening at home.I'm seriously considering going back to home schooling.I know she needs to socialize, but at this point it seems like her education is suffering by forcing her to be in a social environment she in uncomfortable in.Or am I totally off base?Is there something medical going on that I don't want to see?She has always been this way.The only reason she made it through the other 2 years of school is because the teachers kind of made her their pet.That won't work forever.

I appreciate your feedback and advice.


Shannon Leigha Answered:
one idea is to submerse your hands past your wrists in ice water

Morgan Answered:
I also cut myself and latley i've found it very helpful to just be around people that i would be embarrassed to cut around because sooner or later the urge will subside and u won't even be thinking about it anymore. the rubber band thing works too its just that sometimes u may get carried away and end up still really hurting yourself. try and see what happens. u never know because diiferent things work for different people.

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